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Create a Better World Through Your Work

As a Johnson & Johnson Vision employee, you can take pride in knowing your work truly makes a difference around the world by giving people the sight-restoring and sight-enhancing technologies that help them live life to the fullest. Find your place in the world by finding a place with us.

Restoring Sight & Enhancing Vision

As the need for global healthcare grows, especially in eye health, we continue to grow with it, providing powerful, proven technologies that help people all over the world experience the visual freedom to live their lives to their fullest potential.

Join a team of 5,000 employees worldwide, a team that makes measurable strides, each and every day, in improving global health and overall quality of life by dedicating their time and resources to restoring and improving people’s sight. Help us in our mission to give people the freedom to live their best lives. Help us advance new solutions that allow people to improve and restore their sight so they can focus on enjoying all life has to offer.

When you join Johnson & Johnson Vision, you don’t just join a team. You join a team with a true vision for improving the vision and lives of people across the globe. 

Make an Impact Every day

We pride ourselves on being good corporate citizens and community partners.

And with offices around the globe, no place is far from our doorstep or out of our reach. Because of this global focus, we give physicians the tools to revolutionize eye health so they can provide an improved standard of living and visual freedom in areas not yet touched by modern healthcare.