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Commitment to Research

Always Looking Forward

Thanks to the incredible innovations in healthcare over the past few decades, people are living healthier lives. And as the world’s population ages, it becomes more important than ever to continue building a future in which people all over the world have access to healthcare technologies that allow them to live life to the fullest. That mindset is what Johnson & Johnson Vision is all about.

Our Vision 

Seeing your best makes a huge difference in how you live and maintain an active life. Our focus is on helping people restore and improve their vision throughout their lives.

According to some estimates, 285 million people are visually impaired worldwide and the rate of global blindness will double by the year 2020 unless preventive measures are intensified. With that in mind, we know that our work matters. We are not only making a difference in treating global visual impairments, but we are also improving the lives of individuals by empowering them to live and see full lives.

CATARACT SURGERY: Our line of intraocular lenses and cataract surgical systems helps doctors worldwide treat cataracts, one of the world’s leading causes of blindness.

LASER VISION CORRECTION: As the leading provider of LASIK technologies, we help people achieve the freedom to pursue the activities they enjoy without the hassle of contacts or glasses.

EYE CARE: Our contact lens solutions, eye drops and other eye care products help provide comprehensive eye care for patients who wear contact lenses.

Advancing the Science of Sight 

We strive to give physicians and patients more than just ocular healthcare. We believe in giving them the freedom that comes from enhanced sight, enabling them to live their lives, each and every day, to the fullest. Our research and development team brings together skill sets and perspectives from around the world. For years, we’ve partnered with premier academic institutions to grow our arsenal of life-changing technologies and products.

We’ve developed some of the world’s leading ophthalmic technologies from comprehensive, custom laser vision correction technologies to proven eye care products. Even with our storied history, we still continue to drive positive change in the vision of people the across the globe.